Payment Authorisation


Dear Participant,

As part of our onboarding process, you would have received login details for an application which allows you to approve invoices for payment. We do not proceed with our process until you have approved an invoice. We have observed that some participants have difficulty using the application and/or are unable to approve invoices in a timely manner leading to a delay in our payment process. This delay may adversely affect your obligations under service agreements with specific service providers.
If you believe that you may have difficulty using the application in a timely manner, we would like to assist you by providing you with the ability to provide us with a standing authorisation to process your invoices on your behalf.
Please note that this option should only be taken if you can trust the Service Providers that you have engaged, and we take no responsibility for invoice issued by your service providers which are incorrect.
If you have decided this is the option for you, please confirm by signing this document.

I hereby provide Trinity Bookkeeping Services (NDIS #4050043535) with a standing authority to attend to payment of all invoices received from my NDIS Plan funds on my behalf until services from Trinity Bookkeeping Services
are terminated in accordance with my Participant Service Agreement and Terms with Trinity Bookkeeping Services.