Where is the May 29th Webinar?!

We are sorry to have to report that uploading of the May 29th Webinar

“Budgeting for the Year Ahead”

has been delayed due to  technical issues with the internet (it’s just too darn slow!)

Optus are looking into it (or so they assure me) and we hope to have the video available to view later today.

Thank you for your understanding.

Looking for the previous webinars?

Bookkeeping Fundamentals for 20/20 Vision:

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A 10-part Free Monthly Educational Webinar Series to give small businesses 20/20 Vision.

Over the course of next year, starting in February, we will cover a variety of topics that show how bookkeeping affects multiple areas of your business. Each webinar will be 40 mins long and include a question and answer session. Guest speakers will cover relevant areas.

This series is for you, so we would like you to be involved. Tell us what you would like to hear about in the areas listed below when you register.